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VisionIntel fosters innovation to create some of the best technology available to heavy industry


VisionIntel operates a continual innovation cycle by testing, modifying and prototyping new technologies to bring the best commercially viable opportunities to market quickly and efficiently. Our business holds a number of patents and pioneered some of Australia's first solar powered cameras, gates and lights into the construction market. Since then, VisionIntel has evolved to the largest fleet of solar surveillance cameras in Australia & New Zealand. In 2021, VisionIntel launched it's Command division, responsible for the next stage of product and software development, including the move to unlock metadata from cameras in a way that is industry friendly. VisionIntel is the market leader in remote surveillance technology in Australia in New Zealand, committed to developing an advanced ecosystem of smart cameras and NBIoT devices.



Quality in Manufacturing

VisionIntel designs and assembles its products in its own manufacturing facility at Seven Hills, in New South Wales. Assembling, testing and distributing product to the right standard is important to us, which is why we have full oversight on the production process. All VisionIntel products are independently certified by Australian engineers.

Innovation at VisionIntel

"The VisionIntel camera system is outstanding. Great quality images and daily reports."

Kevin Carlin

Ultra Properties

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